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April 24, 2014
Review: Women

onlinethumb-1If you're looking for a great time in the theater, I highly recommend traveling to The PIT to see "Women", a raucous 50-minute comedy that adapts Louisa May Alcott's famous novel "Little Women" to episodic form.  Writer Chiara Atik takes the premise of the novel -- an author who writes about the lives of herself and three sisters on their journey into womanhood -- and weaves the cultures of the past and present into a brilliant dark comedy perfect for our generation.

The one act is broken down into episodes with each cliffhanger raising the stakes and turning up the funny as you become more immersed in the world.  Referred to as "Little Women" by their mother and father (the latter away at war), Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy are four sisters with personalities and quirks that make for the perfect sitcom.  We fall in love and root for the success of each sister as they go their separate ways.

No spoiler here if you've read the novel, but Beth (Rachel Lin) does indeed die and Atik lets you know that from the beginning by playing on the irony of 1860s real life circumstances, adding Beth's memorable cough as a way to change topics and liven up the mood.  Death (and its inevitability) becomes something we can sort of laugh at. Jo (Layla Khoshnoudi) is the author of the crew who thinks herself as a boy, often calling herself the brother of the family.  Abby Rosebrock as Meg is delightful on stage, her comedic timing exceptional; she is matched by Lydian Blossom, who plays Amy, the youngest sister and the artist of the family.

Even with all of the comedy, director Stephanie Ward manages to keep the important themes of true love, work and individuality on the surface, leaving you feeling totally satisfied as an audience member at the end of the show.  With popular music of today, a blend of classic and contemporary choreography, and even beat boxing, "Women" is filled with surprises.  A tasty treat for a Tuesday night, "Women" should be on everyone's list of shows to see this spring.

Playing every Tuesday at 9:30pm at the PIT til May 6th.

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Written by: Glenn Quentin
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