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April 10, 2014
Review: Taylor McFerrin’s The Antidote (feat. Nai Palm)

Taylor McFerrin, son of Bobby McFerrin, proves that musical intuition can indeed be passed down from father to son with this new single, "The Antidote":

The single in question will be included on the upcoming album "Early Riser" and features Hiatus Kaiyote frontwoman Nai Palm on vocals. The song itself is as atmospheric as it is rhythmically driven. Like his father, Taylor makes use of layered vocal clusters that pop in and out like horn sections. Envelope-filtered bass riffs accentuate the beat-boxing drum sounds while a soft layer of keyboards creates a mattress of static harmony to build upon. Nai Palm's voice has that "distant" quality that's been made famous by vocalists like Thom Yorke and Bjork; it blends remarkably well with the modal nature of the piece and doesn't dominate the entire arrangement. As well it shouldn't: the star of the piece is the infectious groove, not the vocal melody. To be sure, it's way more likely you'll bop your head to this one rather than hum along with it.

Other guest stars on the forthcoming record (to be released June 3rd on the Brainfeeder label) include Thundercat and Robert Glasper. Thus far, it holds a lot of promise.


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