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August 8, 2014
"The Audience," and 10 (Other) Times Helen Mirren Has Been a Queen

There are certain actors in this world that get the benefit of having a signature role, or kind of type-cast while still being able to enjoy success in other areas of their profession. One of the best of these types to ever do it is Helen Mirren, who is typically cast as some English monarch whether it's stage or screen. Since she's due to return to Broadway next year as Queen Elizabeth II in "The Audience" why not take a look at all the other times Helen Mirren has portrayed royalty?

10. The Time She Was Cleopatra

Anthony and Cleopatra (1965)

9. The Time She Was Queen Charlotte in The Madness of King George

THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE, Helen Mirren, 1994, (c) Samuel Goldwyn
The Madness of King George (1994)

8. The Time She Played A Policewoman Pretending to Be a Queen

The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu (1980)

7. The Time She was Queen Elizabeth II on Stage

Play: "The Audience"
The Audience (2013)

6. The Time She Was Lady Macbeth

Macbeth (1974-75)

5. The Time She Switched It Up and Played Queen Margaret

Henry VI (1977-78)

4. The Time She Was a Cartoon Queen

Prince of Egypt (1998)

3. When She Played the Other Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth I (2005)

2. The Time She Was Roman Royalty Caesonia Caligula

Caligula (1979)

1. The Time Everyone Remembers Her For Playing Queen Elizabeth...Again.

Helen Mirren_ERII
The Queen (2006)

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Written by: A. Mia Logan
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