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July 10, 2013
Behind the Scenes with Volley Girls at NYMF

Julia Melim takes you behind the scenes with the performers of "Volley Girls" at the New York Musical Theater Festival for

"Years ago, world-class volleyball player Kim Brindell choked under pressure and became an Olympic joke. Now she's been assigned to coach the Ladyhawks, a team of wide-eyed, misfit, high-school girls who can't seem to win a game. Can Kim overcome her past (and a hardline PTA mom) to help her girls and win it all? With humor, heart, and a contemporary pop-tinged score, Volleygirls will bump, set, and spike its way into your heart."

For additional information on this and all other NYMF shows, check the full listings onStagebuddy. Check out our interview with Susan Blackwell (From "Title of Show") below:

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Written by: Kristina
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