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July 25, 2018
NYMF Q&A: Carly Brooke Feinman and Cassie Willson on ‘If Sand Were Stone’

The New York Musical Festival continues through August 5, offering 12 productions as well as lectures, readings, and more! We spoke with Carly Brooke Feinman (Book, Lyrics) and Cassie Willson (Music) about their musical If Sand Were Stone.

Tell us about your show!

Our show is a love letter to complicated families and people who persevere.

Fill in the blank: Our show is a cross between...

...a celebration and a tragedy.

What was the musical that made you want to write musicals?

Cassie: Fun Home and Hamilton.

Carly: La Traviata.

What have been the most exciting things about seeing your show come together?

Carly: Seeing the actors breathe life into characters and conversations that have only existed in my head for so long.

Cassie: Hearing the band play Jonathan Bauerfeld’s orchestrations was unbelievable. He perfectly captured and executed my vision for each piece - and in a ridiculously short time.

Who are your favorite musical theater writers, past and present?

Cassie: Jeanine Tesori and Leonard Bernstein.

Carly: Lisa Kron, Quiara Alegría Hudes, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

What would you change about the current state of theater?

We’d love to see more inclusivity and diversity in theater. Inclusivity and risk-taking excite us.

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