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May 28, 2021
Audio drama ‘Penny Slots’ features three crime-stopping Florida seniors

Kim Hlavac's audio play Penny Slots, presented by Open-Door Playhouse, features three senior Florida women living their best lives. After winning the jackpot at penny slots, they take down a gunman using only a high-powered flashlight and a pillowcase full of pennies, then go to the beach and save a marine and his daughter from a riptide. In so doing they make the local front page not once, but twice. Along the way they drink, make irreverent jokes, and enjoy retirement.

As you can imagine, Penny Slots is entertaining and often funny. Though Amir Abdullah has a small role, he's hilarious as the masked gunman who mistakenly robs a penny slots arcade ("penny slots? oh great, my mom is gonna kill me" he mutters), then gets taken down by three seniors.

As the seniors themselves, Goreti da Silva, Carol Goldman, and Marla Cotovsky have an easy chemistry between them that helps to preserve the comedy's lightheartedness. Even events like a robbery and near drowning are, if not devoid of tension, mostly played for laughs. And in that spirit, Penny Slots is a fun adventure with an original cast of characters. While it may feel a bit unfocused at times, and a bit too tell instead of show at other times, the premise itself could spawn an entertaining series: three retired women stop crime and save lives simply by being in the right place at the right time. Then again, maybe it's better left as a sort of penny slot adventure: short and spirited.

Written and directed by Kim Hlavac and presented by Open-Door Playhouse, 'Penny Slots' runs about 20 minutes and is available to listen to at the link below:

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Written by: Erin Kahn
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