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April 18, 2022
Five are Unmasked and The Winner Takes It All on Night 3 of BROADWAY’S MASKED SINGER

As a certain Chicago lawyer would say, “Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle!” and that’s exactly what our hosts-with-the-most, Michael Hull and Dylan Bustamante, did on the big second season finale night of Broadway’s Masked Singer, which saw all five remaining contestants unmasked… and another winner take it all!!

Just like last year, the tallies were too close to call at the top of the hour, so all five costumed characters lived to compete one day more, each unmasking in accordance with the amount of money they raised for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

On hand to guess along with the viewers was a mashup of industry insiders from the previous two nights, including Jelani Remy, Nick Cearley, Felicia Fitzpatrick, Nic Rouleau, Jackie Cox, Hayley Podschun and Ben Cameron.

Our hosts gave us one final reminder to start – between ALL eight performers (three of which have already been unmasked and eliminated), they have a collective 32 Broadway shows, 20 Off-Broadway shows, six national tours, multiple Tony Award nominations, over 50 television shows, and over 40 regional credits to their names – and then we were off to the races!! (Okay, the musical puns will stop now).

So, who sang what in what costume? Which competitor emerged victorious? And did anyone pull a fast one on the panel? Here’s how it all went down on Finale Night:

Fifth Place: THE FOX

Songs: “Call Me,” by Blondie

Clues: “Don’t it go to show you never know what could happen if you lead with unconditional love and a sensible rock belt? I love singing and dancing my tail off for you so let’s get this party started with my next hit single!!”

Guesses: Podschun goes “full out” and says Ashlee Simpson (previously on Broadway in Chicago) or Jessie J, the latter long rumored to be Elphaba in the Wicked movie before Cynthia Erivo was announced in the role. Remy suggests Lana Gordon, recently of Hadestown and previously of Chicago. He also doubles down on Tina’s Ari Groover, which he guessed last time the Fox took the stage. “It’s the rock-opera tone,” he says. “It’s the growl.” Rouleau backs him up, citing the Little Shop clue in the recent package; meanwhile, Cox is still baffled as to whether or not the accent was real.

Other Previous Guesses: Ariana DeBose, Patina Miller, Ciara Renée, Adrienne Warren

It’s probably: The Little Shop clue seals it. It’s Ari Groover.

The Big Reveal: We did anything but wig out when the Fox was revealed to be… Tina’s own viral sensation Ari Groover!! With a laugh, she thanked those who voted for her and offered a little extra love for BC/EFA. Aw, Ari! You know we think you’re (simply) the best!


Songs: “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” by Starships

Key Clues: “We are still standing!! We’ve sailed the high seas through many revolutions and are wanted dead or alive on quite a few continents.”

Guesses: While those new clues didn’t offer anything that would lead us anywhere specifically, a keen-eyed Remy – who knows his way around some Sergio Trujillo choreo – spots the Parrot doing some Jersey Boys/”Walk Like a Man”-style moves, which Cearley says supports his assertion it’s a former Frankie Valli. Comments suggest it could be Jeremy Jordan & Ashley Spencer, or, perhaps, it’s Nick Cearley once again, this time with Skivvies partner Lauren Molina. Hmmm….

Previous Guesses: Amy Spanger & Brian Shepard; Diana DeGarmo & Ace Young; Kara Lindsay & Kevin Massey; Marissa Rosen & Marty Thomas; David Foster & Katharine McPhee

It’s probably: Remy’s eagle eye sealed it. With that Jersey Boys step – as we predicted last week – it is surely Jarrod Spector, and the Pirate is his golden-voiced wife, Kelli Barrett.

The Big Reveal: We love you, baby! The Pirate and the Parrot were indeed revealed to be Kelli Barrett and Jarrod Spector, respectively, who Hull adds creatively directed their entire journey themselves. “It’s been a harrowing trip, but thank you for taking it with us,” they say in their reveal package. “Some things were lost, but friends were gained.” And what a good thing, too! ‘Cause if you know Jarrod and Kelli, you know you’ve got a friend.

Third Place: THE BULLDOG

Songs: “When Tomorrow Comes,” by Eurythmics; “Faith,” by George Michael

Key Clues: “I’ve spent a lot of time in the spotlight, but every once in a while, it’s nice to stop the world, just breathe, and sing whatever I want to. I’ve really been feeling the love. Without love, what is there in the world? I’ve performed for some pretty distinguished audience members, but this is the most distinguished audience I’ve ever performed for in a bulldog costume.”

Guesses: Fitzpatrick starts completely fresh with her guesses, claiming the American Idiot clues from last week to be red herrings. She reminds us the performer made his Broadway debut in 2008 and has been in record-breaking shows. The line “Just Breathe” suggests In the Heights, so she postulates Javier Muñoz (and the entire panel is on board). Just in case it’s not, Cearley – still sticking with the American Idiot idea – suggests Theo Stockman, who “said he’s done a lot of TV [work], and then he showed up on my TV screen the next day [following the last episode],” and also throws out Miguel Cervantes of Hamilton as well. And rolling with the In the Heights concept, Cox puts out that show’s Robin de Jesús. Rouleau mentions that “feeling the love” may reference The Lion King and “without love” may reference Hairspray. Podschun mentions Dashaun Young has been in both shows.

Previous Guesses: Mitch Jarvis, Stark Sands, Tony Vincent, Matthew Morrison, Sean Alan Krill

It’s probably: Well, Felicia has flipped the script and changed the game with her guess here. Though she confesses she’s embarrassed by how seriously she takes the game (“I sat in the other room with my notebook reviewing the clue packages from last week!” she says, sheepishly, head in hands), she may be on to something here. Last week’s “journey uptown” clue is most definitely a Hamilton reference, as is “History would suggest…” (both a song lyric and could also reference the fact that Hamilton is a historical show). It’s also no doubt a record-breaker, as is In the Heights, in its own way. The “distinguished audience member” is a reference to President Obama, and the “Just Breathe” clue, like so many others tonight, seals it. This is Javier Muñoz.

The Big Reveal: What’s his name, man? Felicia called it! The Bulldog is indeed #Javilton himself, Javier Muñoz! The clue notebook works, people! Woof woof woof!

Second Place: THE SLOTH

Songs: “Call Your Girlfriend,” by Robyn; “See You Again,” by Miley Cyrus

Key Clues: “It’s good to see me again, isn’t it? This might just be the best show ever! It may look like I’m just a girl in a sloth costume, but when I’m not dressed as the sloth, I wear a lot of hats in this biz. Don’t be surprised, but behind this cute face there is a sloth with claws!”

 Guesses: With a laugh, Remy reiterates that “This is HARD!” before doubling down on his SJB guess from Week 1. Citing the “turning back time” and “popular” clues given originally, Podschun suggests either Teal Wicks (whom Fitzpatrick also mentioned in Week 1) or Dee Roscioli, but admits “that’s not their voices” and seconds the Carrie St. Louis guess tossed out last week. Cearley, who famously fooled last season’s panel as the Elephant, thinks a similar ruse is afoot, and throws out Hayley Podschun (“I would be honored to sound like that!” Podschun responds). Fitzpatrick brings attention to the “just a girl” reference, which comments scream is a reference to Cruel Intentions.

Additional Guesses: Lauren Zakrin, Brittany Johnson, Morgan James, Carrie Manolakos, Jessica Keenan Wynn

It’s probably: “Just a Girl” from Cruel Intentions – mixed with the obvious salutation from Glinda and the “positive” Legally Blonde throwback from last week – pretty much cement Carrie St. Louis. (“Little slothy” being her pup, as we proposed in Week 1).

The Big Reveal: The sloth wasn’t slow in revealing herself to be… Carrie St. Louis! (“Who knew she had all that lower register?” Hull asked). It is good to see this bubbly blonde… and to know we guessed her correctly!! Way to go, Carrie! We won’t stop believin’ in you anytime soon!


Songs: “Domino,” by Jessie J; “Someone Like You,” by Adele

Key Clues: “I can honestly feel your love from here. I was always the funniest one in the crew making my family laugh while we waited for the long winter months to be over. I can’t wait to get out of the nest and enjoy those hot summer nights this summer. I may be the youngest in this competition, but I have the wit and the voice to stay in the game. I’m so happy [I made it this far] I could melt! For my last song, I’ll be serving up a delicious slice of emotional ballad pie.” He also mentions “a dream is a wish your heart makes.”

Guesses: Citing the riffs, Rouleau boards the JJ Niemann train, which the YouTube commentators mentioned last week. Cox doesn’t disagree, but argues “JJ would’ve gone up into the falsetto,” instead throwing out Broadway’s Masked Singer theme song singer Mark Sanderlin. Fitzpatrick suggests Noah Galvin, citing the “slice of pie” clue signifies Waitress. But Cameron says what we’re all thinking: “It is Danny Quadrino, though, right?”

Previous Guesses: Nick Jonas, Andrew Barth Feldman, Jeremy Jordan, Mike Wartella

It's probably: The latest batch of clues reference Waitress and Wicked, and he admits to being the youngest person in the competition. Again, Ben Cameron said it for us. There’s no way this isn’t Danny Quadrino.

The Big Reveal: Good news! The wickedest witch there ever was is dead… and the winner is, in fact, Danny Quadrino!! It’s amazing what guessing correctly can do! “I am so excited!!” he says in a post-show interview, adding that, for better or worse, the panel was “not fooled at all.” But, having amassed over $1,000, he thanks the viewers for their support, inviting us all to check out Waitress on tour. 😉 Oh, Danny! We’re never ever ever getting rid of all the love we have for you! Congratulations on your win!!


But wait! There’s more!! Given that their fourth-place finish meant we wouldn’t get to see how their Vegas journey concluded onscreen, our hosts graciously gifted us with a bonus track – the Pirate and the Parrot’s final song, which sees them officially jumping ship, so to speak, and headlining their own Vegas residency. We guess it was meant to be after all!

The last of three episodes of Broadway’s Masked Singer, produced in part by the Broadway-Talk LIVE Network, was presented on the BC/EFA YouTube Channel on Monday, April 4th. To watch – or re-watch – any of the 25 musical performances, click HERE. To donate, check tallies, or learn more information, visit, or follow @broadwaymasked on Twitter and Instagram.

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