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February 4, 2018
See the Amazing Fan Costumes at the BroadwayCon 2018 Cosplay and Fashion Show

One of the best parts of BroadwayCon is undoubtedly all the cosplay! And BroadwayCon 2018 did not disappoint. It's clear that a lot of attendees put a lot of time into their costumes - the Phantom of the Opera cosplayer apparently spent two hours getting that makeup right!

As you might expect, there were plenty of Great Comet and Dear Evan Hansen fans. And the Phantom of the Opera and Wicked fans made their usual appearance - Newsies was also pretty popular. There were a few stand-alone fans, though - such as Punxsutawney Phil from Groundhog Day and Charlie Price from Kinky Boots. (Or how about that Eliza Dolittle costume?) Meanwhile, Spongebob and Anastasia added a few new additions to the mix.

Check out our gallery of cosplay photos:

The BroadwayCon Fashion Show - hosted by Ben Cameron - highlighted some of the most ambitious cosplayers. Though Squidward eventually won (and promptly started singing "I'm Not a Loser") everyone dazzled. Judge Ciara Renee said she was "blown away by the creativity and commitment" of all the contestants. (I was impressed by Cinderella, whose dress actually glowed in the dark.) On choosing the winner, judge Anthony Rapp declared: "I saw the passion. I felt the passion. That determined it for me." Mary Testa and costume designer Emily Rebholz also served on the judges panel.

Here are a few photos of the fashion show:

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Written by: Erin Kahn
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