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December 14, 2017
Review: A Christmas Carol
Credit: Lou Montesano

(To the melody of “Jingle Bells”)

[Verse 1]

Safety from the cold

Awaits inside Torn Page

The mulled wine freely flows

As carolers take the stage

Songs of love and hope

Steadily set the pace

As a Dickens classic waits

To burst out from the page


Elmore James, Elmore James

Gently sets the pace

Oh, what joy to hear his voice

As he gives life to this tale, hey


Elmore James, Elmore James

Look into his face

Oh, how bold and strong he is

As his voice fills up the space


[Verse 2]

The tale of greedy Scrooge

Is sca-ri-ly prescient

His cruelty as huge

As the current President’s


You wonder if your help

Can start the needed change

The world is craving for

Before it gets too strange



Elmore James, Elmore James’

Powerful presence

Gives you joy and gives you hope

A welcome change of pace


Elmore James, Elmore James

Jolly all the way

There’s no way you leave this show

Without a happy face

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Written by: Jose Solis
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