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December 6, 2016
Review: Peter & The Wolf
No matter how high your expectations are for Isaac Mizrahi's conception of Prokofiev's classic Peter & The Wolf, they will be exceeded, and you will be delighted.
Set in New York, Mizrahi's Peter & the Wolf tells of how young Peter, against his grandfather's wishes, opens the park gate, enters the big green meadow, and with the help of a bird, captures the wolf and delivers him to a hunter, asking him to take the wolf to the Bronx Zoo.
Inside the Peter B. Lewis Theater at the Guggenheim Museum, people of all ages are entranced by the musicians surrounding them as they play the leitmotifs for all the characters. Mizrahi introduces which instrument accompanies which character prior to the performance, which makes it both entertaining and educational: strings for Peter (Macy Sullivan), bassoon for Grandfather (Guillermo Resto), oboe for Duck (Marjorie Folkman), clarinet for Cat (Lindsey Jones), flute for Bird (Temple Kemezis), timpani for Hunter (Derrick Arthur) and French horn for Wolf (Derrick Arthur).
unspecified-2The costumes are beautiful and functional genius (you would expect no less from a Mizrahi production), allowing the dancers to move gracefully while looking every inch the animal they are portraying and leaving you wondering where you can get Bird's shirt, Cat's jacket and Duck's tutu.
Choreographer John Heginbotham's choreography is flawless and so in tune with the characteristics of each animal that there were times I forgot they were actually dancing.
Charming, gorgeous, warm and humorous, Mizrahi's Peter & the Wolf is a must-see for you and everyone you have ever met.
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