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Author: Dave Osmundsen


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Theater Review

Coffee and Biscuit is an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House set in 1950’s suburban America with puppets. At first, the idea seems outlandish and twee. A classic play that revolutionized the theatre and was a major step forward for feminism d …Read more

Theater Review

John Ford’s drama ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore has been making audiences uncomfortable since its premiere in the 1630s. Its current incarnation, produced by the Red Bull Theatre Company and playing at the Duke Theatre on 42nd Street, manages to elicit sig …Read more

Theater Review

Before the Irish Rep’s production of The Belle of Belfast begins, projections of Belfast during the Irish Troubles are projected onto a brick wall. Most of the photos are of friends posing and citizens going about their day. Interspersed among them, …Read more

Theater Review

There are two world depicted in Jennifer Haley’s new play The Nether. There is our world, which is depicted as a dark and drab interrogation room, and there is “The Hideaway”, a startlingly bright and beautiful world where one goes to escape the drud …Read more

Theater Feature

With so many plays in the theatrical canon, it is a sad inevitability that some well-written and worthy plays will get pushed to the sidelines by others. The Peccadillo Theater Company is dedicated to producing American plays that the public has perh …Read more