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Author: Kathryn Turney


 Kathryn has 47 articles

November 9th was a dark day in New York City. There was an unusual hush on the train and on the street. The city that never sleeps was still and quiet. But it’s in times like this that many decide to speak up and take action. Whether it’s writing let …Read more

What is Gaga? Well, it can be difficult to explain. As adults, we tend to be too concerned with correctness, bogged down with the pressures of the world, overcome with insecurity, and puppeteered by our own habits to really understand the entire scop …Read more

For the dancer in your life, you may be racking your brain for what gift to give this holiday season. As we all know, dancers are first and foremost prepared—we have to be. So what do you give someone who most likely has everything they need already? …Read more

As with all art, dance has long been a vehicle for political and social expression and commentary. And in times when we most need a voice to speak to and a mirror to reflect upon our own existences, we look to our artists. Paul Lightfoot, Artistic Di …Read more

If you are familiar with Company XIV, you may be surprised (and humored) to find the company performing Paris in the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church — you may even feel you’re in the wrong place. Inside, however, is the Irondale Theater, an old …Read more

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