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A roundup of our FlameCon interviews, including our Q&As with Justin Hall, Dan Parent, Kevin Wada, Chris Russo, and Jay Justice, among others. Dan Parent Kevin Wada David Yardley https://y …Read more

We spoke to Iceman writer Sina Grace at FlameCon 2017. And as a bonus, here’s the cosplay Sina is dying to try: For more on Sina Grace click here.

We spoke to comic book artist Max Wittert at FlameCon 2017. For more on Max Wittert click here. For more on Welcome to Night Vale click here.

Interpreter: Ellen Sowchek Polina is the first fiction film by the team of choreographer Angelin Preljocaj, and director Valérie Müller, it’s based on a graphic novel by Bastien Vivès which chronicles the journey a young dancer (Anastasia Shevtsova) …Read more

During FlameCon we caught up with Sina Grace, the comic book author who is reinventing Iceman over at Marvel. We spoke to him about writing the superhero’s dating life, how his stories fit into the canon, and his favorite Sex and the City. https://ww …Read more

Almost twenty years after The Girl of Your Dreams director Fernando Trueba reunited with his cast and crew for a continuation of the story called The Queen of Spain. This time around, the plot centers around the homecoming of “the girl”, Macarena Gra …Read more Check out the Cosplay Parade at FlameCon 2017. Thousands of LGBTQ fans of comic books, fantasy, superheroes, and more, come together every year to celebrate their faves. Cosplay this year was especially on point 💅 Who are …Read more

The heist movie is a micro-genre that makes certain promises. We must have a Rube Goldberg machine of a plan — thrilling in its mild opacity and unexpected precision; the prize must be cartoonish in its concrete dimensions (think big diamond, or pile …Read more

Fortune’s fool might’ve been the theme for the films Geneviève Bujold did in 1969 and 1970, Anne of the Thousand Days and Act of the Heart respectively, since in both she plays characters whose lives seem to spiral out of control, without them being …Read more

Hand drawn animated films have become a rarity in these days, which is why most of the ones still being made are  to be respected and admired. In This Corner of the World fits into that category and features every stylistic attribute that Japanese an …Read more

I don’t like walking away from movies and thinking, “Well at least it wasn’t pro-torture.” But this is a valid concern in Kathryn Bigelow’s follow-up to 2013’s blockbuster Zero Dark Thirty—a movie on the hunt for Bin Laden that sloppily suggested tha …Read more

For someone who’s spent most of his life living amongst circus artists, you’d be surprised to hear Gerry Cottle Jr. confess that caffeine makes him “jittery”, which is why instead he’s sipping on a fruity tea concoction when we speak on the phone. He …Read more

Anyone familiar with Kyle Mooney’s most distinctive work on “Saturday Night Live” will be quick to identify the core compounds of Brigsby Bear: a cringe-worthy awkwardness mixed with an endearing sincerity; a sense of humor that is elaborate and draw …Read more

Gillian Robespierre is doing something right. Her first film, Obvious Child, which starred comedian Jenny Slate, impressed critics by directly tackling a difficult subject matter. Once again relying on an honest approach her sophomore attempt tells a …Read more

Andrew Rossi’s Bronx Gothic in which he profiles performance artist Okwui Okpokwasili as she goes on tour with her eponymous piece seems like quite the departure from his previous film, the Met Gala documentary The First Monday in May, which chronicl …Read more

The second installment of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s life story, Endless Poetry begins just as Dance of Reality ended: with a small purple boat bouncing amongst the waves carrying Jodorowsky toward unfamiliar joys and tribulations. This seamless opening …Read more

Lady Macbeth opens with a marriage ceremony. The bride, Katherine (Florence Pugh) tentatively goes through the motions, as the groom remains out of the frame. That night, shy and polite, our bride repeatedly assures everyone she is fine, not too cold …Read more

Though it premiered at Locarno, Luc Bondy’s final feature False Confessions appears to have been billed as TV movie and been broadcast on television in Europe, as opposed or prior to a theatrical release. A French television movie seems like an oxymo …Read more

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