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Rachel McAdams Gives a Career Best Performance in Queer Romance 'Disobedience'

Director Sebastián Lelio is no stranger to the tension that exists between cultural tradition and sexuality. His previous film, the Oscar-winning A Fantastic Woman, followed Marina (Daniela Vega), a transgender waitress who is questioned after her lo …Read more

The Working Class as a Fuel to Create Cinema

The charm associated with Jean-Luc Godard’s early films like Breathless and Band of Outsiders turned into something more formally challenging in the political works he did after the failed revolution of 1968, several of the films he made during this …Read more

This Film Takes You Inside the Mind of Joaquin Phoenix's "Gun for Hire"

It’s been six long years since Lynne Ramsay’s We Need to Talk About Kevin shocked and terrified audiences. She may not direct many films but her skill is undeniably first rate and Ramsay films have become synonymous with psychological stunner and unf …Read more

She's Done 'Gypsy,' 'Sweeney,' and 'Follies,' What Sondheim "Mountain" Will Imelda Staunton Climb Next?

When Lady Sandra Abbott’s (Imelda Staunton) marriage of forty years falls apart, she finds new hope when her sister (Celia Imrie) takes her to a community dance class where she finds new friends, and even the potential for a new romance. Richard Lonc …Read more

The human double has long been in use by movies about making movies, from David Lynch’s ‘trilogy’ of Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire, to Bergman’s Persona, and Charlie Kaufman’s Adaptation. Within this category, movie-movies that are …Read more

In A Bag of Marbles two young brothers must flee their parents’ home in occupied France, to find safety in the free zone. Having never left their home alone before, they endure hardships and meet an assortment of characters along the way, all while m …Read more

In director Kaouther Ben Hania’s Beauty and the Dogs, a night of joy turns into a nightmare, when Mariam (Mariam Al Ferjani) is raped by police officers, while out on the town. Physically and emotionally battered, Mariam must also endure the ineffici …Read more

Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson’s ninth feature and second animated outing, gives us an embarrassment of visual riches. While his previous film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, seemed to represent an apex of the distinct Wes Anderson style, in Isle of Dogs, we …Read more

It’ll soon be time to Rise (and shine), as the eponymous musical drama, from the brains of Parenthood’s Jason Katims and Hamilton producer Jeffrey Sellers, readies for its highly-anticipated premiere tonight on NBC. Based on the true story of drama t …Read more

'Gringo' Scratches an Itch That Has Passed

Have movies about the hapless everyman, buffeted between the aggressive hypocrisy of suburbia and the depredations of corporate greed, become outdated? Not so long ago, this ethic existed in just about every flavor: arty, stage-actoring American Beau …Read more

Rendez-Vous with French Cinema returns to the Film Society of Lincoln Center for its 23rd edition, which highlights the most exciting works being done in France. From rock musicals to dark comedies and sumptuous melodramas, this year’s roster of film …Read more

Cinephiles rarely get more pleasure than when they attend the Museum of the Moving Image’s See It Big! series, which celebrates movies from different eras as they were meant to be seen: on the humongous screen of the Redstone Theater. This time the s …Read more

Nothing is ever what it seems in the films of Francois Ozon, and in Double Lover the director takes his mischievous style of filmmaking to unexpectedly blissful places. Ozon reunited with his Young and Beautiful star Marine Vacth, who plays Chloé, a …Read more

You probably know Utkarsh Ambudkar from his scene-stealing parts in Pitch Perfect, White Famous and The Mindy Project (he’s Mindy’s baby brother Rishi), but in Basmati Blues the talented performer will sweep you off your feet as Rajit, an idealistic …Read more

Double Lover is based on a deliciously plump mystery novella by Joyce Carol Oates called Lives of the Twins. In 1991 a US film was also inspired by the story, it starred Isabella Rossellini, Aidan Quinn, and Iman. Thankfully, Francois Ozon’s adaptati …Read more

John Malkovich originated the role of famed lover Giacomo Casanova on stage in The Giacomo Variations, a chamber play by Michael Struminger, that toured many European countries starting in 2014 before being adapted for the big screen. The film opens …Read more

Since France is the birthplace of cinema, it’s no surprise that the French were also animation pioneers. Years before the Lumière brothers thrilled and terrified audiences with their moving images of trains and horses, Émile Reynaud was conjuring ima …Read more

We have lately become accustomed to parsing through the posthumous works of our dearest artists. Where some are heavy with a wisdom that is premised on their imminent mortality like Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker or Harry Dean Stanton’s world-wea …Read more

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