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July 13, 2017
Review: Endless Poetry

The second installment of Alejandro Jodorowsky's life story, Endless Poetry begins just as Dance of Reality ended: with a small purple boat bouncing amongst the waves carrying Jodorowsky toward unfamiliar joys and tribulations. This seamless opening gives way to the cerebral enrichment and hypnagogic visual elements that Jodorowsky is known for, which are exquisitely displayed in this offering. The Pasolini-esque sets are grandiose in texture, color, and scope; the number of extras, the attention to character, costume, prop and set, is stupefying. It is an undertaking that is daunting in nature, and Jodorowsky has made the effort look easy with the type of creative genius that is inspiring and unnerving. He is effervescent with productivity and idea, yet masterfully blends all of this visual and philosophical information together in its most magnetic form.

However, this is not only a personal history under the guise of splendid ocular stimulation, but also a treatise on how to be fearless. This may be Jodorowsky's most accessible film, and it's fortunate; the philosophies held within this work are life affirming and cathartic, the type of positivity this world needs. The endless poetry is there, indeed, and the words are incantations to inspire strength of self, undiluted authenticity, and compassion. There is a violent passion within this film that exists because life is painful and infuriating but also marvelously beautiful and precious. Jodorowsky reminds us that even at our lowest, there is still “the pleasure of breathing”.

And although an autobiographical film could be an exercise of fantastical narcissism, in this case it is clear that direct life experience is the best way to learn and teach a lesson. There is no better way to tell a story, than by the one who lived it. The answers Jodorowsky poses to all of those most taxing and existential questions are imbued with love. He lays bare intimate moments, that almost anyone can relate to, in hopes of edifying others and illuminating darkness. There were scenes that were perhaps heavy-handed, life romanticized to the point of cliche, nevertheless each time was warranted and purposeful. I may prefer absurdity, but I think it matches with the reality of life; it is an over-indulgence that compliments the surprising humor of this piece.

The mark of a true creator is that when reaching an age that is at its most transient, they create with efficacy and fervor. In this case Jodorowsky has celebrated his journey, and produced a sublime homage to all of the periods, and persons, of his life that would enable him to generate such a moving film. This is memory and reflection in all of its glory.

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