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Author: J. C. Wright


 Joshua has 37 articles

Full as it is with often complicated imagery and complex symbolism, it is perhaps a relatively simple image in Nicolette Krebitz’s film Wild that is most telling: a young woman named Ania (Lilith Strangenberg), having begun an obsession with wolves a …Read more

Probably the most important thing to realize about Gino Dilorio’s Sam and Dede, or My Dinner with André the Giant is that it is really quite a lot of fun. This is a great service to the factual characters upon which this play is based. Sam and Dede, …Read more

In what turned out to be a double-treat at La MaMa on March 2, the Grusomheten Teater company made its North American debut with their production of Henrik Ibsen’s unfinished romantic opera libretto from 1859 called Fjeldfuglen (The Mountain Bird). B …Read more

Matthew Spangler and Benjamin Evett’s Albatross, a one-man play, is a multi-media extension of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” In it we find the poem’s titular seaman talking to us in our modern time and expounding his ta …Read more

Wakka Wakka’s puppet musical, Made in China, is a fantasizing riff on a bizarre and troubling true story that took place during October 2012 in Oregon when a woman brought some cheap Halloween decorations home from K-Mart. When she opened them up, sh …Read more

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