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There are few certainties in life. The sun will rise and set. Taxes will be paid. The current president will tweet inanities. And Cirque du Soleil will not fail to deliver the goods. Back under the big top across McCovey Cove from AT&T Park, the …Read more

THE BOTTOM LINE: Blue Room stretches the boundaries of how human beings interact and how they should interact. As they do this, music helps them express themselves. Blue Room was a bit difficult to watch initially. It took some time to understand the …Read more

A Riveting Dance Theater Musical You Won't Want to Miss

“In the village, the most respected man is the rainmaker.” – The Narrator Hips twisting, legs moving in a circular fashion as arms are drawn apart and out in a way that shows the progression of something being given or drawn inwards…flips, jumps, ski …Read more

Why MOMIX Dance Company Has Lasted Over 35 Years

THE BOTTOM LINE: MOMIX is an incredible blend of dance and acrobatics with light, costume and prop illusion. You’ll see incredible feats of human body strength contorted into beautiful shapes, along with creative imagery. If you like Pilobolus, or ot …Read more

Cassandra of Troy Meets the #metoo Movement

As the #metoo movement has made evident, recent years have witnessed not only the revelation of women’s long-buried truths but a new awareness of the systems which necessitate and uphold their silencing. Western society may trace this devaluing of fe …Read more

What Makes This Puppet Show a True Delight

The sounds of silence are beautiful in a spectacular new show by the playful team of Swiss puppeteers known as Mummenschanz. The wordless You & Me was created by Mummenschanz co-founder and Artistic Director Floriana Frassetto and features a stro …Read more

Love's Labour's Found: Why This Company is Doing Shakespeare "En Español"

We attended a rehearsal of To be Or Not to Be…A Shakespearean Experience, a new spectacle put together by the folks of R.Evolución Latina and Pregones, who have assembled a cast of newcomers from all over Latin America who are discovering the magic …Read more

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