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As a dance maker, I feel trepidation when creating for an outdoor performance. The fear of competing with nature to win the audience’s attention and reverence may be too real a threat. As an audience member though, it is truly a treat. The setting fo …Read more

A man, asleep and blindfolded, is standing atop the shoulders of another man. He slowly begins to slump and the awake man cannot hold him any longer. The sleeping man careens toward the ground and miraculously stays asleep. Atlas Circus Company, a co …Read more

Dixon Place is hosting a really great, totally passionate, very well crafted and well developed performance in Chesney Snow’s The Unwritten Law, directed by Rebecca Arends. It is the story of Snow’s family history and cultural history, told through h …Read more

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but never have? Would you be willing to share that secret desire in public? During Secrets and Seawalls, a site-specific dance-theatre performance set aboard the 1885 cargo ship Wavertree at the South Stree …Read more

Every month we highlight the best programming on Cennarium, a streaming service for the performing arts. StageBuddy readers receive a 15% discount on Cennarium. Use the code: st@gebuddy   OPERA: RUSALKA: One of the seminal works of Czech compose …Read more

Andrew Rossi’s Bronx Gothic in which he profiles performance artist Okwui Okpokwasili as she goes on tour with her eponymous piece seems like quite the departure from his previous film, the Met Gala documentary The First Monday in May, which chronicl …Read more

How do we experience the inevitable physical deterioration of our bodies, and does it haunt us? How do we respond to it, and how might it change us? Notably, our experience of that decay, as we strive, as we find ways to survive, is a corporeal one, …Read more

Every month we highlight the best programming on Cennarium, a streaming service for the performing arts. StageBuddy readers receive a 15% discount on Cennarium. Use the code: st@gebuddy   OPERA: Doktor Faust: The titular doctor has the strangest …Read more

Ya know at a party, when it seems like it’s all coordinated by an act of God? Or at least choreographed by a real professional? The Reception, a choreo-drama created by Sean Donovan and Sebastián Calderón Bentin all about the feeling of a party, is a …Read more

What is failure, and how do we deal with it – as individuals, and as communities? Laura Peterson uses choreographic lang …Read more

Every month we highlight the best programming on Cennarium, a streaming service for the performing arts.     OPERA Attila: for those new to opera, or buffs seeking a deeper cut of a master, Verdi’s Attila is a short, sweet and exemplary sho …Read more

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Sébastien Soldevila, Co-Founder and Artistic Co-Director of the exciting Montreal-based circus Les 7 Doigts de la Main (The 7 Fingers of the Hand). The company that choreographed Broadway show Pippin, imme …Read more

There are people who wait for the world to give permission to create, and there are some people who create the world. Chelsea Ainsworth, Kyle Netzeband and Adrian Rosas are people who, together with their constantly growing community of artists, crea …Read more

November 9th was a dark day in New York City. There was an unusual hush on the train and on the street. The city that never sleeps was still and quiet. But it’s in times like this that many decide to speak up and take action. Whether it’s writing let …Read more

What is Gaga? Well, it can be difficult to explain. As adults, we tend to be too concerned with correctness, bogged down with the pressures of the world, overcome with insecurity, and puppeteered by our own habits to really understand the entire scop …Read more

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliq …Read more

“Can it be that you’re not actually good?” In her solo Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster, Melbourne-based artist Nicola Gunn asks the tough questions of the human condition, all with a wry smile. Gunn’s world is remarkably bright in both style and …Read more

Montreal-based performer Dana Michel’s latest solo piece, Mercurial George, may partly take its name from the Curious George series, but the artist’s curiosity takes her audience further than a storybook ever could. Many of us could pore over a box o …Read more

If there’s one thing I regret about Confucius at Lincoln Center, it’s by the time this review will come out, the New York run will likely be over. This dance drama presented by the China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG), tells the story of the leg …Read more

Choreographer Keith Michael and New York Theatre Ballet once again present their charming one-hour children’s version of the holiday classic, The Nutcracker, at Florence Gould Hall. Performed by a large cast of professional dancers as well as childre …Read more

For the dancer in your life, you may be racking your brain for what gift to give this holiday season. As we all know, dancers are first and foremost prepared—we have to be. So what do you give someone who most likely has everything they need already? …Read more

Ballet is usually known for its precision and perfect ballerinas, not its humor. Not so with Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. Part drag show and part ballet, the all-male, multi-ethnic parody dance troupe currently has audiences in stitches wit …Read more

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