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September 7, 2017
Don’t Miss These Shows at Cennarium’s Promenade, The First-Ever Virtual Performing Arts Festival

Our favorite place to catch live performance from your own laptop is having a festival of their own. Cennarium's Promenade is a 10-day digital global performing arts festival, running September 15-24. Here are some highlights.

Groupo Galpão's Romeo and Juliet

One of the most respected Brazilian theater groups takes on Romeo and Juliet, with a production that toured 10 different countries including London’s Globe Theatre. In a production equally appropriate for the streets as for a stage, with elements of contemporary Brazilian culture oozing everywhere, this take on Romeo and Juliet has a liveliness combined with a cultural thoughtfulness that makes it stand out.

Dangerous Liaisons

This delicious French story, adored by countless blooming American teenagers, here is a German musical! And the impetuous romances and steamy encounters has all the dynamics and inventive stagings that you would expect from a contemporary German production. The rococo setting is magnificent and playful and totally appropriate for all the lecherous fun.

Fuerza Bruta

Fuerza Bruta is a live experience unlike any other; so this is the perfect piece for Cennarium. The work is all about the corporeal body: how it expels effort, takes on abuse, transforms from sensual to frightening, moves through water or space. The international hit was a must for so many New York theater fans, and now is available to everyone.

The Muppets All-Star Comedy Gala

Are The Muppets the most famous popular puppet group in puppetry history? Chew on that while you enjoy the brilliant and family favorite characters put on an entire evening of jokes and sketches. There’s even some stand up of the voices behind the puppets, which is great fun for old fans.

A Swan Lake

The Norwegian National Ballet’s take on Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet is more than a fresh look with contemporary staging. Choreographer Alexander Ekman and cast bring fresh ideas to an old story, transforming the classic ballet into an epic production. Don’t be satisfied with the work's humor, this show can bring you to your feet.

For Promenade's complete line-up, visit:

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