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Author: Tania Fisher


 Tania has 27 articles

A new biographical drama, Adam, now playing at Castillo Theatre, tells the true story of African-American civil rights leader Adam Clayton Powell Jr., a United States congressman from 1945 to 1971. He was a man who knew that mass action was the most …Read more

Kunstler, now playing at 59E59 Theaters, is a fictionalized account of real life American lawyer and civil rights activist William Moses Kunstler, who was known for his politically unpopular clients, such as the Chicago Seven, the Attica prison riots …Read more

Director Roger Simon brings to life a story of hidden pasts, secrets, and hope for a better future through acceptance of that which we cannot change, and the strength we find to change what we must. Now playing at 59E59 Theaters, The Dressmaker’s Sec …Read more

Although the title The First Noel implies that this musical is a Christmas story, in many ways it isn’t. Rather it leans heavily on the drama, against a backdrop of spectacular music, songs and visual feasts. Set in Harlem in 1985, The First Noel, pe …Read more

The renowned and industry-respected actor and teacher, Roger Hendricks Simon, brings the best of his students to the stage in his regular Simon Studio Performance Lab events. The evening featured excerpts of scenes from Shakespeare’s King Lear, Othel …Read more

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