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Author: Heather Anne Chamberlain


 Heather Anne has 38 articles

Séverine Parent has truly lived life on the international music stage. From a career in classical opera in her native France to performing all over Europe and South America to eventually becoming the Lead Artistic Advisor for Vocal Talent for Cirque …Read more

There are people who wait for the world to give permission to create, and there are some people who create the world. Chelsea Ainsworth, Kyle Netzeband and Adrian Rosas are people who, together with their constantly growing community of artists, crea …Read more

Marcy Lovitch isn’t into the business of letting audiences keep a nice and happy distance from themselves and the action onstage. She causes us to look at ourselves in that metaphorical mirror that is ‘The Theatre’ when it is used effectively. Lovitc …Read more

Who better to bring a bunch of fuzzy creatures to life than Broadway’s best and brightest? In Broadway Sings The Muppet Christmas Carol, director and co-producer Katherine M. Carter, along with choreographer Jesse Robb, music director Neil Douglas Re …Read more

Magic lives inside the space of a theatre. Or in CIrque du Soleil’s case, inside the space of their circus tent. Like electricity, magic is always in the air. Just as Nikola Tesla knew how to harness the electricity that invisibly hovers the earth, K …Read more

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