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Author: Jack Mauro


 Jack has 32 articles

David Rabe’s Sticks and Bones took the Tony for Best Play in 1972. It also – and I remember it well – shook up New York theater like a 5 on the Richter scale. Nothing before had so slammed together ideas of classic Americana and the broken jetsam of …Read more

A few thousand years later, not a whole lot surpasses the Oresteia of Aeschylus in terms of good old-fashioned family dysfunction on an epic scale. The myriad conflicts of the House of Atreus do not ever die, the bloody ends of its primary members as …Read more

It might be over-the-top to call Omar Sangare a “man with a mission”, but as founder and Artistic Director of the United Solo Theatre Festival, he has certainly spent a good deal of time, energy, and passion in promoting the one-person show in its ma …Read more

Melissa Ritz, who would have been described years ago as a leggy blonde, is a woman on a quest. In brief, she abandoned a long and profitable career as a cocktail server in Vegas for the New York theater scene, and New York is none the worse for it. …Read more

You begin to understand that you are not entirely safe as a theater-goer before you even take your seat for Going Once! Laughing Twice!!  In lowbrow tux and sneakers, Brian Jaffe – who authored the play – barrels through the crowd to bully the poor b …Read more

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