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Author: Cece Anna Lee


 Cece Anna has 17 articles

Last week, photos of Saffiyah Khan, half Pakistani/half Bosnian UK citizen, went viral when she came to assist a hijab-wearing Muslim woman getting harassed by a group of EDL lads. The English Defense League—an extreme right wing, anti-Islamic group— …Read more

If The Little Prince married Princess Mononoke, their movie life would be something like The Red Turtle. Not with words or content, but how it might feel. Like French-pressed coffee and Japanese tea alone on a beach, without a morsel of food, not eve …Read more

The marble pillars of American higher education are eroding. Unless one is directly affected by the changes involved, the breakdown isn’t getting noticed. Starving the Beast is the first and only film thus far addressing this crisis. Among the major …Read more

Inside the Chinese Closet The premise is intriguing enough— in Shanghai, young gay men and lesbians are willing to go through therapy, fake marriages, adoption clinics and thousands of dollars to honor and appease their mortified, hetero-loving paren …Read more

If you’re a dreamer, you’ll understand this: as odds increase, bigger miracles are required. Bigger faith, harder perseverance. Stuck in a Walmart-like job, woman with a dream Janet Vokes was the fuel behind the Welsh pub-based network that broke int …Read more

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