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Author: K Krombie


 K has 61 articles

Harold Pinter’s 1978 play Betrayal, currently playing at Hoboken’s Mile Square Theatre, was inspired by his seven-year affair with the English journalist and “thinking man’s crumpet” Joan Bakewell. It is a potent cocktail of extra-marital affairs and …Read more

In 1942, 13-year-old Ernst Lossa (Ivo Pietzcker) is transferred from a children’s home to Dr. Werner Veithausen’s (Sebastian Koch) psychiatric hospital. Though there is nothing wrong with him, Ernst is Yenish and Third Reich “gypsy” discrimination al …Read more

In Christian Schwochow’s Cracks in the Shell from 2011 a young drama student, belittled by her drama teacher, goes on to win the leading role in a play and takes her method acting to dark, dangerous places. In Schwochow’s new film Paula, young artist …Read more

It’s hard to forget the 2010 news images of the BP Deepwater Horizon blowout, the pathetically sad marine life gasping for air, daubed in the viscid black oil that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days. Despite BP paying a record-breaking $18 b …Read more

Being a mainland European sophisticate has its perks; cobbled streets serve as an ashtray for impenitent smoking, good fashion sense is as innate as gazing philosophically through window panes at nothing in particular, while speaking selective Englis …Read more

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