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Author: Athena Bryan


 Athena has 28 articles

In The Promise, Oscar Isaac plays a young Armenian man, Mikael Pogosian, who leaves his small village to go to medical school in Constantinople. The titular promise refers to his pledge to return and marry a village girl (Angela Sarafyan), whose dowr …Read more

The Lost City of Z is James Grey’s entry into the cinematic tradition of obsessive adventurer movies. Based on the real-life expeditionist of the early 20th century, Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), Grey’s approach is characteristically subtle. This i …Read more

Joseph Cedar’s first English-language film centers around the eponymous hero, Norman Oppenheimer. He is introduced as an amusingly grating New York schmoozer of limited success. Richard Gere, as Norman, is always ruddy-cheeked, trawling midtown, a pe …Read more

Trying to write about girlhood is hard because you find yourself using words like, “gauzy”, “liminal”, “delicate”, “fleeting”. These cheesy things we say about growing up are true after all, but figuring out how to say it again convincingly is the ch …Read more

It is 1919, and a distraught young Frenchman visits the grave of a German soldier. That scenario could mean many things, but in Frantz, the family of the titular departed take it he is an old friend of their deceased. The soldier’s mother and fiancée …Read more

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