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Author: Victoria Santos


 Victoria has 15 articles

The threats plaguing the working class in 2017 are, unfortunately, as American as apple pie. For a nation founded on policies of liberty and justice, greed and exploitation run so rampant that the achievement of the former feels impossible. American …Read more

On his website, pastiche playwright Charles Mee says describes his characters as “people through whom the culture speaks, often without the speakers knowing it.” The New Stage Theatre Company celebrates their new 106th Street home, the New Stage Perf …Read more

In Funeral Doom Spiritual, composer M. Lamar elevates the insurmountable grief of the systemic oppression of Black America into music. Lamar’s work draws from opera, metal, and Negro spirituals to condemn the recent police executions of Black men whi …Read more

“Can it be that you’re not actually good?” In her solo Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster, Melbourne-based artist Nicola Gunn asks the tough questions of the human condition, all with a wry smile. Gunn’s world is remarkably bright in both style and …Read more

Montreal-based performer Dana Michel’s latest solo piece, Mercurial George, may partly take its name from the Curious George series, but the artist’s curiosity takes her audience further than a storybook ever could. Many of us could pore over a box o …Read more

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