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Summer is here and as many people head to the beach or take a break from the city, stage actors are making sure those who remain, or those who come for a visit, have varied entertainment options. With bright days ahead and more Vitamin D anyone could …Read more

Austrian-born screen star Hedy Lamarr (originally Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler) was often touted as the world’s most beautiful woman. In the monodrama Hedy! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr (presented as part of the Planet Connections Theatre Fes …Read more

If you had no information other than the title, I bet you could easily guess what Faust 3: The Turd Coming, or The Fart of the Deal is about. However, it would probably be more difficult for you, as it was for me, to anticipate its brilliance. It has …Read more

The grief of losing a child is, in a word, unimaginable. Yet Lauren Yee’s new play in a word, a production from Cherry Lane Theater and Lesser America directed by Tyne Rafaeli, sets out to portray the inner workings of that grief. Her poetic language …Read more

Some stories are forgotten and never told. Others are misremembered. Then still, there are stories we remember but don’t understand — and these are ripe for the creative imagination. Terezin, a play conceived and rendered by the passions of writer/d …Read more

Woody Sez (at the Irish Repertory Theatre through July 23) tells the story of American folk-protest singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie in his own words. The show features over 30 of Woody’s songs, played on a range of instruments, from the guitar and vi …Read more

The complexity of navigating relationships — and the delicate dance between independence and intimacy — have always been challenging parts of the human condition, and our disjointed modern world only seems to intensify them. Fulfillment Center, a n …Read more

Currently playing at the Manhattan Theater Club, the brilliant and heartbreaking new play Cost of Living tackles the different types of privilege that influence two relationships. As these two relationships unfold — one a brand new professional arra …Read more

Theatre is a medium of ghosts. Writers become haunted by words they need to exorcise through plays, which are then put onstage by actors and technicians who repeat the same lines and actions night after night – like souls destined to live in the same …Read more

Scott Frankel and Michael Korie are the composers behind some of the greatest female characters in contemporary musical theatre, not to mention some of the most inventive. Along with book writer Doug Wright in Grey Gardens they turned a cult document …Read more

Producers of Play Like A Winner, the new musical by Erik Johnke & David Wolfson and winner of last year’s NYMF Devel …Read more

Ya know at a party, when it seems like it’s all coordinated by an act of God? Or at least choreographed by a real professional? The Reception, a choreo-drama created by Sean Donovan and Sebastián Calderón Bentin all about the feeling of a party, is a …Read more

Speaking “truth to power” is always a risky proposition and no play defines the perils of altruism more certainly than Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People. Written after the negative critical response to Ibsen’s Ghosts, Ibsen’s play derides society …Read more

On June 13, Motown the Musical began its run at the Shubert Theatre in New Haven, CT. It’s a 5 day stop along the show’s national tour, and I was lucky enough to attend the opening performance. The show, with book by Berry Gordy, and music and lyrics …Read more

What a difference a space makes, in the case of The Cooping Theory: Who Killed Edgar Allan Poe? the space is the refurbished speakeasy under St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club, where Poseidon Theatre Company’s immersive supernatural experience takes pla …Read more

Rachel Bay Jones and Gavin Creel picked up Featured Performer Tony Awards last Sunday for their supporting work in Dear Evan Hansen (Best Musical winner) and Hello, Dolly! (Best Musical Revival winner). Both performers are key standouts on their resp …Read more

The summer’s finally here and with it comes the need to leave our apartments and office buildings to take advantage of what the city promises beyond its concrete structures. Theatre fans who might’ve seen all the shows they wanted (is that ever possi …Read more

To continually bring new and exciting plays to the forefront of a saturated market is no small feat, but the Ensemble Studio Theatre and the Radio Drama Network’s presentation of their 36th Marathon of One-Act Plays Series C manages to do just that. …Read more

The Tony Awards have long been appointment television for any and all Broadway superfans; offering a glimpse of the season at large (in addition to incoming productions), they often act as a theatrical haven to bond as one with fellow members of the …Read more

In a medium where classy and outrageous costumes reign side by side, it’s always exciting to see our favorite theater stars all dressed up offstage. Here are some of our favorite looks from last night’s red carpet: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it …Read more

The thing with great plays, and Shakespeare in particular, is that they seem to have been written about the time when they’re being produced, and sometimes eerily, about the people witnessing said productions. Romeo and Juliet never aches more than w …Read more

Tony winner Brian Stokes Mitchell will be making his solo debut at Feinstein’s/54 Below with a series of concerts from June 13-24. The charismatic leading man will do songs from fan favorites like Ragtime and Man of la Mancha, but like he explained a …Read more

“History is just a tall tale,” sings the chorus in Bella: An American Tall Tale – a new musical from Kirsten Childs (directed by Robert O’Hara at Playwrights Horizons). It’s a point that’s been made before: the version of history we learn in school i …Read more

Ensemble Studio Theatre has been holding their marathon of one-act plays since 1977. Now in the third series of their 36th year, they’re offering a myriad of exciting and innovative work by playwrights Zakiyyah Alexander, Edith Freni, Amy Fox, Donald …Read more

This year has seen some incredible work in Broadway’s theaters, and last night’s Tonys brought the best moments from our favorite musicals of the year to Radio City Music Hall. Kevin Spacey kicked off the evening with a musical monologue that riffed …Read more

The Tonys offer the perfect opportunity to celebrate Broadway and all the wonderful art that it offers throughout the year. We put together our top ten favorite moments from this year’s Tony Awards: 10: The Fashion One of the best parts of any awards …Read more

Calling all psychic theatre buffs — it’s that time of year again! That’s right, the 2017 Tony Awards are fast approaching, and everyone’s chomping at the bit to share their thoughts and predictions on the night’s biggest winners! We here at StageBudd …Read more

The 2017 Tony nominees are in. Of the 40 nominees for acting, six — 15 percent — are people of color. The numbers may seem small, but this is significant progress in a world that is realizing that “color-inclusive” is more accurate than “color-bli …Read more

Love triangles are an all-too-familiar trope, so the premise of Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 doesn’t immediately stand out as particularly original. It follows Natasha (Denée Benton), a young Russian countess engaged to Andrey (Nichol …Read more

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