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The Waverly Gallery is the new Broadway Show starring Elaine May, Lucas Hedges, Joan Allen, Michael Cera and David Cromer. Playing from January 27th at the Golden Theater. See more info here: Here, our ever in …Read more

Opening night of American Son on Broadway – Our entrepid photographer, Rose Billings, met up with the celebs outside the show! Get tickets here!  

Can Austin Pendleton Redeem Tennessee Williams' 'A Lovely Sunday for Creve Couer'?

Like his breakthrough 1944 play The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams’ A Lovely Sunday for Creve Couer (1979) is set in a humble St. Louis apartment in the 1930s. It’s another of the many late-career titles that failed to revive Williams’ faded car …Read more

Tune-In, Turn-On, Drop-Out, Repeat

You’d think that pretty much everything that could be said about the ‘60s has been already been put in print, on film, or staged. But you would be mistaken. Acid Test, written by Lynne Kaufman, now playing through November 4th at The Marsh at 1062 Va …Read more

This Beautiful Play Explores What Binds People Together

When Francis and Billy Sloane talk about moving into the house up on the hill—once they’ve fixed it up, of course—their words carry a sense of futility. These characters will never move into the house on the hill. They’ll live pathetically in their c …Read more

Directed by Sam Mendes, ‘The Ferryman’ has opened to great reviews. Here, our ever intrepid photographer, Rose Billings, has caught up with the celebs after the show! Photos include Andrew McCarthy, Genevieve O’Reilly, Laura Donnelly, Mozhan Marno, S …Read more

Can This Small Town Save Itself Through the Power of Theater?

Sometimes the charm of Off-Broadway theater is in doing a lot with a little.  Often, the simpler it is, the more charming it is.  There is virtually no scenery in Popcorn Falls, the new two-man show at The Davenport Theatre.  When the ‘setting’ chang …Read more

Edie Falco Transforms into Political Force Polly Noonan

Polly is brash and unstoppable. More significantly, she is totally loyal and true, both to the Democratic Party and to her candidate, long-term mayor Erastus Corning II.  And as portrayed by the incomparable Edie Falco, she becomes a true force to be …Read more

Are you looking for a way to spend a Sunday evening that is guaranteed to entertain you and not break the bank? The Cabaret Showdown is your ticket. Part live karaoke, part Jeopardy, and all musical fun, the Showdown attracts singers from all-over th …Read more

Writer-Director Emily C. A. Snyder is Breaking New Ground in Theater with an Old Premise

THE BOTTOM LINE: Turn To Flesh Productions’ show ‘The Other, Other Woman’ is a form of modern Shakespeare. It’s a fun, modern take on many of the familiar medieval tropes. If you have a love of Shakespeare, then this show is definitely for you! You g …Read more

Our entrepid photographer, Rose Billings, met up with the cast (and more!) of the now extended “Collective Rage” play in Midtown Manhattan. The play is called ‘The Vagina Monologues Times 5’. See the pics and check out the link to the show below! Fea …Read more

Does 'Pretty Woman' Work as a Musical?

The clothes are the same, most of the dialogue is the same and of course, the story arc is the same — so why doesn’t Pretty Woman: The Musical have the same appeal as the 1990 movie starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere? For one thing: it doesn’t …Read more

The Story of the Jewish Immigrant Who Wrote ‘White Christmas’ and ‘God Bless America’

Isn’t it ironic that a Jewish immigrant from Belarus wrote “White Christmas,” one of the most beloved Christmas songs, as well as one of the most patriotic American songs, “God Bless America?” For these musical contributions and others, Irving Berlin …Read more

A Marriage at the Brink of Disaster

THE BOTTOM LINE: New Ohio Theatre presents Worse Than Tigers, a play by Mark Chrisler about a marriage at the brink of a physical final disaster that is a reality of the disaster that already had occurred. And then a tiger comes to their door and one …Read more

A Powerful Meditation on Loss Worth Seeing

THE BOTTOM LINE: Theater Mitu’s piece Remnant is an affecting and surprising reflection on loss. This new work is noteworthy both for its engagement of Theater Mitu’s interdisciplinary practice and for its delicate and empathic look at difficult and …Read more

A Riveting Dance Theater Musical You Won't Want to Miss

“In the village, the most respected man is the rainmaker.” – The Narrator Hips twisting, legs moving in a circular fashion as arms are drawn apart and out in a way that shows the progression of something being given or drawn inwards…flips, jumps, ski …Read more

In This Buzzy New Musical, It's OK to Be a Geek

I will always be the first to admit that I was never, ever the cool kid in school. I was somewhere between the well-known-but-not-popular kids and the geeks, thanks to my obsession with Broadway. Thankfully I went to a school that was accepting of ev …Read more

How Does Hellman's Politically Charged Great Depression-Era Play Fare Today?

Lillian Hellman’s Days to Come (now at the Mint Theater Company) was not a success when it premiered in New York in 1936. In fact, this second play of the Hellman canon (after The Children’s Hour) was a full-tilt disaster. The three-act drama (played …Read more

A Glorious Update of ‘Don Giovanni’ at La MaMa

In the program notes to the Dell’Arte Opera Ensemble’s production of Don Giovanni, director Owen Horsley mentions the #MeToo movement, and Mozart’s opera about the legendary seducer certainly takes on a new significance in a society replete with clai …Read more

For a one-woman performance, Women on the Verge owes a great deal to a cooperative effort, and it is to the credit of all concerned that Faith Collins’s time on stage is nothing less than captivating. That she performs a genuinely stunning piece of w …Read more

This Musical Is the First Off-Broadway Show with an All-Asian Cast

Comfort Women: A Musical is in its second run in New York after premiering in 2015. The musical tells the true story of women enslaved during World War II as sex slaves for the Japanese Imperial Army. Written and directed by Dimo Hyun Jun Kim, it is …Read more

Strange Things Are Happening at this Public Library

Directed by Jordana Williams, Vince Gatton’s play Alexandria, set in a public library in the deep South, shows basically good people who will not listen to each other, even as life as they know it is coming to an end right in front of them. Brenda (K …Read more

Magnetic Actors Star in This Show about a Forbidden Relationship

Written by Rick Charles Mueller and directed by Alex Wei Xin, Forbidden explores the many facets of relationships, both personal and professional, sexual and platonic, as an older man with connections offers to set up an audition for a younger hopefu …Read more

Why ‘Comfort Women’ Is Poised to Make Musical Theater History

Comfort Women: A Musical is poised to take its place in musical theatre history besides iconic shows like Miss Saigon and Les Miserables. All these shows tell the story of people who have fallen (or, more accurately, have been pushed down) by the way …Read more

In the World of This Play, Rape Has Been Eradicated

THE BOTTOM LINE: Qurrat Ann Kadwani’s one-woman play Intrusion, is a glimpse into a future where rape has been eradicated…or so we believed. Those who want their theater to invite them into a thought experiment will find plenty to sink their teeth …Read more

How This Play Captures Young Americans’ Struggle to Make It

THE BOTTOM LINE: West of 10th’s production of Lia Romeo’s American Dreamers, a fast-paced play about after college. It’s a good choice if you want to see an honest portrait of what life is like after college between roomates, friends, and people we d …Read more

‘War of the Roses’: A Story of Weeping Daggers and the Not-so-guilty Mind of a Murderer

THE BOTTOM LINE: Produced by Ruth Stage, War of the Roses tells the tale of Richard III’s wicked manipulation to make his way to the throne. If you are looking for elaborate sets and period costumes in this black box theater production, this show may …Read more

What Is It Like to Star in a Show with an Ex?

Stand-up comic Gianmarco Soresi’s original unromantic comedy Less Than 50%, directed by Jen Wineman, is a play within a play (and perhaps within another play) about rehearsing a play with a scene partner who is also an ex. Less Than 50% (referring to …Read more

A Must-See 'Pushkin' — Intellectual, Artistic, and Spiritual!

THE BOTTOM LINE: The American Vicarious colorful production of Pushkin captures the imagination and leaves you yearning for freedom. Those who thrive on court intrigues, political riddles and affairs of pistols will appreciate Jonathan Leaf’s dramati …Read more

“Four Nerds. One Apocalypse. Game Over.” Such is the intriguingly ominous tagline of Scum, the latest grassroots production currently playing the Producer’s Club in Midtown Manhattan. The enticing — if slightly sordid — new piece, which marks the off …Read more

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