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Author: Mark Dundas Wood


 Mark Dundas has 90 articles

William Inge’s Come Back, Little Sheba (1950) seems to owe much to the plays of his friend and mentor (and probable sex partner) Tennessee Williams—and in particular to 1944’s The Glass Menagerie. For instance, when Inge’s protagonist, Lola Delaney, …Read more

In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel, Tennessee Williams’s 1969 one-act (two scene) play, is such a dark, bitter work that it would seem wrong to call seeing it a “rare treat.” But the current production (at the tiny 292 Theatre in the East Village) will be a …Read more

Risa Finkel drives a mean welcome wagon. For her recent show at Pangea, “Moment to Moment,” the singer assembled a program with a smart balance of humor and seriousness. She displayed a warm and pleasant singing voice, as well. But Finkel had somethi …Read more

The musical revue is a durable genre—and why shouldn’t it be? A link of sorts between a standard cabaret show and a musical play, the revue is a straightforward way of showcasing the work of emerging songwriters as well as of performers. The careers …Read more

A decade or so from now—if books still exist—some publisher may release an anthology: Essential Plays from the Trump Era. God knows what the future’s passionate and witty playwrights will create from whatever slouches its way out of D.C. in the next …Read more

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