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Author: Saima Huq


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Theater Review

Haram! Iran! is an emotional roller coaster well worth the ride. Based on a true story, the play by Jay Paul Deratany depicts the trial and conviction of two teenagers when they make a genuine connection with each other after being assigned as study …Read more

Theater Review

The Gallery Players’ rendition of Sweet Bird of Youth is all the beautiful raw tragedy at the heart of Tennessee Williams’ works, which is perhaps the greatest gift an audience can get. Under the flawless direction of Jesse Marchese, these actors del …Read more

Dance Review, Theater Review

No matter how high your expectations are for Isaac Mizrahi’s conception of Prokofiev’s classic Peter & The Wolf, they will be exceeded, and you will be delighted. Set in New York, Mizrahi’s Peter & the Wolf tells of how young Peter, against h …Read more

Theater Review

The Ma-Yi Theater Company’s Among the Dead has officially raised the bar for all theater productions. I write this review knowing there are not enough words to do justice to playwright Hansol Jung’s masterpiece. The writing, the direction (by Ma-Yi A …Read more

Theater Review

Comprised of two separate plays with the central theme of Hurricane Katrina, Lost Voices shows the human level of the ravages of ever-present climate change. Each of the plays has a cast of three, and the set from the first play is deconstructed to m …Read more